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MEETING OF MINDS - 1 October 2019
NOT your typical Tuesday and NOT your average conference
with Dr. John Demartini

This is the first Meeting of Minds conference
and EXCITEMENT is a small word to cover how we feel!
We are thrilled to open the series with an outstanding speaker.
Dr. John Demartini is a world-renowned human behavioral expert, educator , internationally published author and business consultant. Founder of the Demartini Institute and Demartini Method, he travels around the world changing thousands of lives!

Update your VISION & achieve your GOALS for 2020

If you would have 1 YEAR to learn somethings that would take you from where you are now to where you desire to be, what would you do?

How many times have you asked yourself how other people become successful?

How many times fear took over and sabotaged all your efforts?

Are you a by-stander or a fierce player in the game called LIFE?

It doesn’t matter if you are an employee or seasoned entrepreneur – if you know your values and have your goals set, you can increase your income, offer your clients an excellent service or even change your career all together. It is OK to feel unhappy in this moment and all you need is the right support because when your goals lack clarity, it is much harder to face objections. When your worry about what people may think, you lose sight of  your real goals.

We understand that time can be an obstacle in your journey so we offer you 1 action-packed evening to help you take the leap of faith towards your redefining your LIFE VISION and GOAL ACTION.

On 1 October 2019 Dr. John Demartini will help you find answers and support you to:

  • Define your inspiring mission and vision statements
  • Expand your vision and purpose in your life and business
  • Inspire in you a vision of vastly more powerful wealth possibilities
  • Organize and prioritize your specific action steps so that your goals are realistic and achievable

What will you DISCOVER and KEEP with you forever:

  • How to enjoy challenges and avoid people and circumstances that not only pull you away from your success path but they also think that your dreams are not worthy
  • What drives and motivates your actions – Passion? Money? Fame? Nobody is judging here!
  • How to get the results that you want – NOW – not tomorrow, next week or in an year
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