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2021 Mastermind Series

One of the most important rules in business, regardless of what industry you’re in, is who you're connected to. Focus on setting yours business for success in 2021 and invest in what matters: meaningful connections with other people!


Anna_s_mastermind series

25 January - 14:00 GMT
Public Relations with
Anna Shevchenko

PR professional with 14 years experience and over 300 successful PR projects in portfolio held in Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Anna has worked with international and national companies from different industries, e.g. IT/telecom, FMCG, pharmacy, aviation, NGO's, international organisations, governmental institutions etc.

Building successful PR campaigns in 2021

- how to implement PR strategy successfully on a daily basis
- how to build fruitful relations with media and reporters
- key trends in communication based on study 'Edelman Trust Barometer 2021'

Zoltan_350_2_Mastermind series

26 January - 17:00 GMT
Emotional Intelligence with
Zoltan Veres

One of the top experts on emotional intelligence development in Romania, with a career of over 10 years in education as trainer and coach, Zoltan believes that emotional intelligence, together with quality education will bring the real change in the world. his main goal for the past years was to bring emotional intelligence in the everyday life both for individuals and companies.

Manage business anxieties through the Emotional Intelligence lens

Olesea_Ursu_Mastermind series

27 January - 17:00 GMT
Human Resources with
Olesea Ursu

HR professional with over 14 years of experience in HR and management, Olesea works with organisations across industries (retail, hospitality, healthcare, e-commerce, fin-tech, NGOs). She is the founder of two companies: LeaderHR (HR Management services) and OleSoft (IT company that is developing software for small businesses).

Employee Motivation - 2021 Readiness

- Assess your staff motivation areas of strength and ares requiring improvement
- Create a plan for staff motivation
- Manage your team from an employee perspective
- Lead your employees by investing in development

Anton_350_mastermind series

28 January - 14:00 GMT
Marketing Strategy with
Anton Sychov

Being super fast in testing ideas has become one of the most important skills for modern entrepreneurs and Anton will teach you how to create your first digital marketing campaign on Facebook and Instagram.
By doing several simple steps you will learn how to jump from the idea to first clients in one or two days.

Leading business by example

29 January - 14:00 GMT
Business Development with
Orly Avrahami

CEO and founder of A.A. Organisational and Community Development and Chairwoman of the Israel Businesses Women’s Forum, Orly will share her business development experience. Her areas of expertise include Development & Management consulting, Executive training, Leadership development.

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