If you want to build a business based on your beliefs,
but don't know where to start or feel stuck in the process,
you're in the right place!
We are here to support you.

Training and Personal Development

Our mission is to guide impact-driven people in turning their vision into a meaningful venture. Because it is our core belief that YOU can make a difference by doing business.

Discovery Program

Discover and remodel your beliefs with a deep dive in your soul to discover the sweet spot at the intersection of your passion, purpose and perspective to the world.
Find the foundation of your business.


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Business D.N.A & Plan

A six weeks online training program in which you will learn how to define, design and deliver a meaningful service or product.
Unpack your business's DNA and
brand your belief for a better world.

£275.00/ Full program

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Personal Growth Program

1-on-1 Individual guidance on your entrepreneurial journey. Grow you clarity, courage and confidence on your path to achieving what you believe in.

£345.00/ Month

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Strategic Day

Spend a full day with Gabriela to focus solely on your business strategy for the next phase. You will have my exclusive undivided attention. By the time we finish, you will have a new outlook on your business and goals.
You’ll leave with concrete plan.


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Mastermind Clarity Call

A 1-on-1 45 minutes Skype or Messenger session in which we will look at a specific topic you are struggling with. We will clear the path and find a strategy for the next step. You will get information and inspiration.Then it's up to you for the implementation.

£85.00/ Session

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Our webinars are a good place to start engaging with experts from various fields - sales, marketing, communications. Get in touch with us if you have specific entrepreneurial needs. We will be happy to help!


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