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  • 🔵 A Meeting of Minds it’s all about the right people at the right level, in the right place.

    🔴 We believe in teamwork and we would love to see that together we are able to contribute internationally by promoting successful business models through our entrepreneurial education event Meeting of Minds Business Club London by Brainstorm Strategy.

    What will you keep if you attend a Brainstorm Strategy Meeting of Minds conference :

    📌 Creates opportunities: think outside the box and nurture unconventional talents and skills

    📌Business Development: leaders look for and pursue ideas which foster economic growth and development

    📌International Vision: change the way you work and live

    📌Stimulating economic activity: entrepreneurs are the spark plug in the economy’s engine

    We strongly believe in educating and re-educating entrepreneurs! This is a great opportunity to create together an educational environment in the area of entrepreneurship!

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Dr. John Demartini


Formulate a VISION grounded

in personal values

Set GOALS worth pursuing

Take your BUSINESS to the next level

Network with like-minded entrepreneurs

There are events in life that YOU cannot miss! 

This is one of them! 

Meeting of Minds


Tuesday, October 1


18:00 - 21:00


193 Marsh Wall, Isle of Dogs,

London E14 9SG