Diasporas in Business

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Agnes Khan –

Founder of 5 Flavours of Health, property investor, Patron in Chief of Supporting Lives Trust, translator of “Philosophy of Health” and “Philosophy of Life”, mum of 2 boys, wife. Born in Poland, since 2000 in the UK.

Kristian Klacan –

Born in Slovakia in 1981, Kristian moved to London in 2004, working in casinos in the hospitality industry and private members. In 2012 he meets the concept of TRUE HEALTH and becomes an independent distributor.

Marcos Souto –

Head Coach and Director of Sales of #WealthDragons

Born and raised in Spain, Marcos moved to the UK to pursue his mission to help people create financial freedom so they can live the life that they dream of. Expert in sales and performance. 

Dr. John Demartini

Demartini Institute

VALUES- find yours and live by them for a life full of meaning! Define YOUR Success not by trying to became someone else, but by embracing the DUALITY within you. 

Ozana Giusca

With a strong belief that small businesses are going to change the world, Ozana  works to empower small business owners to unleash the full power of the business they love. She is the founder of  Tooliers online platform with affordable high-end business growth tools,and creator of the Smart Business System™