Business D.N.A Program

We believe that any business is a living and breathing entity and its DNA blocks are inherited from its owner

How to develop a business in which you are authentically involved?

This 6-weeks program is for aspiring or seasoned entrepreneurs who want to un-learn and re-learn new business lessons by unpacking their business’ DNA.

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Our Guarantee

If after 30 days you are not satisfied with the program, we give you the money back! NO strings attached!

Discover and

remodel your beliefs

Many don’t know this – Beliefs are a powerful thing – they dictate your steps and actions in ways that you don’t realise.
The program will help you understand your own beliefs and how to control their effect on your life and business.
It will help you create VISIBILITY and CLARITY of action.

Write your legacy and mastermind your entrepreneurial life

Build YOUR entrepreneurial map by outlining where you are NOW, how you got here.  Identify your personal WHY and re-write  the MAP  with a clear VISION and MISSION. With these tools, you will have the capability to take the tough decisions and build a SUCCESS energy. You will create a realistic business plan to help you navigate the market.

Transpose your personality assets into growing your business

Many of us secretly fear any practical experimentation that would rattle our beliefs. We think we have the remedy the against comfort zone and we can help you curb the tendency to choose the beaten paths or environments. Asking the right questions is the hardest thing to learn!

Create a journey from YOUR business to OTHERS

You will learn how to build strong business relationships with a strong personal brand. “Beating the competition” is a phrase that is not only vague, but it can be harmful when used as a business strategy. It is vital to focus on partnerships and the exchanged value-added. Business is no longer a zero-sum game.

Is this for you?

We help level the business playing field!

The Business D.N.A program is an intensive training program whose structure is thought of at the level of complexity and exigency and which takes place over 6 weeks.

The program is addressed to executives, top managers, and entrepreneurs facing business management in an effervescent economic and social context. This program is for you if :

  • You want the Compass always pointing you towards SUCCESS – a realistic BUSINESS PLAN to gain credibility in the market place, avoid mistakes and jams and get you out of the deadlock!
  • You want to understand the relationship between business development and organisational objectives

Advance your business development by raising your level of knowledge and increasing your ability to work quickly and effectively. Specialized knowledge is valuable and an asset in our knowledge economy.

What is this about?

This program is about assimilating the tools and techniques in developing relationships by planning all the smart steps on-line and off-line, from cold contacts to warm partnerships.

The program is about the implementing actionable learnings in the development of business and organisational objectives and it will explain how the individual can be supported to maintain focus and alignment to organisational needs .

  • The immediate applicability of the information provided by the trainer makes the Business D.N.A Program both an element of development and retention.
  • Our program will help you your business adapt to market changes and at the same time help you identify the critical points and thus you will know where to intervene effectively to correct and make it more efficient  
  • From Day 1 you will evaluate your business current situation, scan for available opportunities and  create the growth road-map
  • Define and pursue strategic opportunities for your firm and generate new ideas, applicable from the next day
  • Evaluate personal performance, detailing ways of dealing with beliefs, values, diversity and conflicts of interest
  • Work with your executive team to help them learn conflict resolution and better ways to motivate their subordinates to reach higher targets for the future
  • Increase efficiency at the organizational level and learn to manage difficult situations and conflicts 
  • Increasing customer satisfaction through a rational and professional approach to relationships with them.
  • Help your business adapt to market changes
  • Save time in managing your organization and help you capitalize on opportunities
  • Help you set targets and build effective teams
  • Create  long-term value through growing customer bases, identifying new markets, and cultivating commercial relationships
  • Will be able to articulate and develop a coherent ethical framework to support your team an organisation


During the Business DNA program, you will provide examples from your own and your organisation’s values and determine their impact on business growth. You will evaluate your business current situation, scan for available opportunities and create the growth road-map.

Stereotypes & Beliefs

Using this Business DNA Program, you will save time in managing your
organization by discovering and re-modelling your stereotypes. Unlike
other programs that only remember the belief system in the immediate area.

SWOT and Grow

We work with you to examine the threats, weaknesses, strengths and
opportunities surrounding your organization and then empower your team in choosing the right targets for maximum growth.

Acquire new Skills

Evaluate personal performance, detailing ways of dealing with beliefs, values, diversity and conflicts of interest. Learn how the individual can be supported to maintain focus and alignment to organisational needs and how individuals are motivated and encouraged to apply learning to practice.

Hands-on practice

Weekly training sessions give you the chance to practice new concepts in your own business. Week-on-week you will be able to validate your new work experiences with your trainer and receive feedback and additional support .

Team works

We will help you set targets and build effective teams. Through this program , the business owner will analyse the impact of personal and organisational values and belief systems on the delivery of outstanding activities.

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