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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”   Nelson Mandela

Born from passion and love for people, Brainstorm Strategy aims to educate its clients to think differently if they are to achieve different results. With Brainstorm Strategy, entrepreneurs have understood that the value of a company, its development and success will never exceed the owner's level.

We strongly believe in educating and re-educating entrepreneurs, constantly being obsessed with keeping our values like integrity, service, collaboration, and leadership into everything we do. Brainstorm Strategy assists entrepreneurs to end the game of blaming others for their own mistakes, guiding them in the process of total accountability and to clarify their responsibilities as an image of the steps towards success.

Our Non-Negotiable Values


Our unshakable commitment to doing what is RIGHT , which is not always EASY. jghuhysuohuho


Contributing beyond ourselves, WE create the balance on which  SUCCESS rests. 


In a state of interdependence, we believe that 1+1 will ALWAYS be greater than 2.


We exist to empower new generations of entrepreneurs. Period. bljyghliuhlhu;h

Brainstorm Strategy Core Team

Brainstorm Strategy

Global Managing Directors

Really enjoyed the “Meeting of minds” event with Dr John Demartini! Meeting Gabriela and taking part in a very well organised event showed me the level of professionalism at Brainstorm Strategy. I’d highly recommend for future partnerships and events.

Ms. Gabriela-Maria Rogati-PinchesGroups & Corporate Travel Counsellor

Gabriela is a professionally-minded Founder and CEO. For anyone wanting to work with her, I can 100% recommend her! I wish her the best of luck this year and even more success, which she deserves! Her knowledge of the entrepreneurial landscape is second to none. Keep up the good work!

Josh StutterheimCEO and founder of Zinora

I have been fortunate enough to attend the Meeting of Mind Conference organised by Brainstorm Strategy. A brilliant evening learning from one of the best expert on human behaviour, Dr John Demartini.
Great atmosphere with like-minded individuals in a comfortable location.
Thank you Brainstorm Strategy 💛

Diana NagyEntrepreneur

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