Born from passion and love for people, Brainstorm Strategy aims to educate its clients to think differently if they are to achieve different results. With Brainstorm Strategy, entrepreneurs have understood that the value of a company, its development and success will never exceed the owner's level.

We strongly believe in educating and re-educating entrepreneurs, constantly being obsessed with keeping our values like integrity, service, collaboration, and leadership into everything we do. Brainstorm Strategy assists entrepreneurs to end the game of blaming others for their own mistakes, guiding them in the process of total accountability and to clarify their responsibilities as an image of the steps towards success.
Through our services, we highlight this - bringing to life business ideas by encouraging unique ways of promoting the business that makes the difference between YOU and the REST.
When people start believing in something bigger, they are able to pass from ‘’doing well’’ to ‘’doing excellent’’ things.



Our unshakable commitment to doing what is RIGHT and not what is EASY.


Contributing beyond ourselves, creates the balance on which SUCCESS rests.


In a state of interdependence, 1+1 will ALWAYS be more than 2.


We exist to empower new generations of entrepreneurs. Period.

Gabriela Dragomir
Founder and CEO

With a training and practice in Cognitive-Behavioural Psychotherapy, and being involved both in understanding and balancing human values, I am a supporter of group and team actions. Sustainability is the most precious component in my approach with the clients in building new patterns, roles, positions, personal branding - this is the business of my business.
Over time, I have taught my clients to look for SOLUTIONS not EXCUSES, showing them that investing in themselves more than in their business as entrepreneurs, they can build dream teams around them.
I am always curious and interested to invest in relationships and to help entrepreneurs create a fantastic team with vision!


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