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There is no complicated technical things to implement, no bringing “more” to your plate. In fact, I firmly stand by “EASY”, “SIMPLE” and “LESS” approach for business and life and teach it to all my clients so they can finally enjoy their earned time freedom

Productivity by definition is a measure of the efficiency of a person in converting inputs into useful outputs.

While for many that sounds too serious and formal, it is a simple principle of working smarter.

And this is what I want you the get out of this article after you have read it – being able to work smarter. In my approach that involves working LESS, SIMPLIFYING everything, doing only processes that brings RESULTS and ditching the rest. It is simple, but super powerful formula that I use to increase productivity for myself and my clients. So many entrepreneurs start their own business to get away from their “9 to 5 cubicle” and income ceiling, to have more free time, wanting to create their own schedule and being accountable only to themselves.

The pitfalls of being a start up entrepreneur

I came up with my formula for those exact reasons – I wanted to work less, earn more, have time freedom and be in control of my life and income.

While these are all great reasons, many professionals fail, because suddenly they are in charge. They are the ones responsible for everything. Suddenly there is now one who tells them what to do and when. They are in charge of setting deadlines and following through. There is no one to blame but themselves.

Successful entrepreneurship has proven that people perform best when they have flexibility, but not total freedom. And that is something that each of us have to create to be productive.

Get in control of your work environment.

From my experience talking to many entrepreneurs I have come to conclusion that we are our biggest distractors. We choose to work in a space where our focus gets easily taken away, we take out phones everywhere we go, we leave out emails open all day long, we put up with uncomfortable office chair and work to fit in other peoples schedule instead in our own. Let me give you couple of examples of how you can make sure to get most out of your working space to eliminate anything that is not serving you.

Get rid of distractions.

Look around at your working space and notice what takes your attention – family photos, plants, chocolate bar, wallet, the view outside the window, phone. It could literally be anything. There are so many options and for each of us it could be a totally different thing. Notice what distracts you and get rid of it. That’s how simple it actually is.

Make your work space motivating and inspiring.

Nothing is worst than working in the space where you just can’t seem to “get in the zone of your genius”. It might be the background music that helps you get in to creative mode, or smell of you favourite essential oil. You know yourself best, so choose to inspire and motivate, rather than push your hardest to make it work under any circumstances. Make it easy for yourself.

While the outside world is fairly easy to control and set in the way that serves our goals and increases focus, our inner world can keep us stuck forever. It not only lets us procrastinate finding every excuse to do anything but what we are supposed to do, it also doesn’t allow us to work efficiently, leaving very little space for personal and financial growth. Let me introduce you to couple of ways you can tackle your unproductive self to increase focus and take control of your time.

Get in control of yourself.

Our thoughts matter as much as out actions. By following these methods you will not only be able to decrease distractions in your mind, but also increase focus, motivation and follow your path more effortlessly because your mind will not stand in the way.

“You have two choices: to control your mind or let you mind control you” – Buddha’s teachings.

Eliminate Your Options.

Try to surround yourself with as little possible distraction as possible. Before you start working on your next task, identify those distraction to eliminate them. For example, if you have your phone or bag of peanuts on your working desk, it is very likely you will get yourself distracted by one of them. To avoid that, put your phone somewhere else and hide peanuts so they are not in hands reach. It is very easy to pick up your phone when you hear that “bing” sound whenever a new message comes in or when you see notifications on screen popping up. Our mind might trick us in too thinking that it is just a quick look to check if nothing urgent has come through, but to be honest – how urgent can a message be? Surely for any urgent matters, your close ones would call you, right? Stop setting yourself traps and put your phone away whenever you are trying to put undecided attention on your important task.

Set Boundaries for Yourself.

If laptop is your main working gadget, you obviously can’t eliminate it from your distractions list. However to keep yourself in focus, set boundaries to spend certain amount of time on things you should not be spending any time at all. If you are taking a break from your work for 10 minutes and start to watch Youtube videos about funny cats, it can drag much longer than just 10 minutes (trust me, I know!). So instead of continuously procrastinating, set boundaries. For example, watch only 2 videos or if you allow yourself to do it for 5 minutes, make sure to set a timer on it, to keep yourself in boundaries.

Increase your productivity

Now, that you know how to increase your productivity over time, you are set for success. Wherever you are in your life or business, there are always things to improve and work on. However, I want you to enjoy becoming more productive instead of working for it your hardest. That is why it is so important to not follow everyones suggestions on how to make your life easier, but find what works for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Yes, you might have to spend some time researching yourself, your wants, needs, abilities, environment to find your optimal work flow, but believe me when I say – IT’S WORTH IT! I am pretty sure you want to have 4h working days without overwhelm, who doesn’t? This is why it’s important to get to know yourself first – tackling the sources, so to say.

If ever you feel stuck, here is the quick exercise to find out your productivity blocks. Take a moment and go through your 5 senses – taste, smell, hearing, touch, vision. Stop on each of them to notice if there is anything around you that is distracting. It might be the smell of coffee, neighbour moaning the loan, itchy blouse or candy aftertaste in your mouth. With this system you will be able to identify those tigers and eliminate them faster to increase your productivity.

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