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A healthy life is a balanced life every entrepreneur works towards!

A healthy lifestyle means a balanced life to which any entrepreneur aims.

Andrew Carnegie, one of the most famous entrepreneur, said that: “Entrepreneurs play a key role in any economy. These are the people who have the skills and initiative necessary to anticipate current and future needs and bring good new ideas to market. Entrepreneurs who prove to be successful in taking on the risks of a Startup are rewarded with profits, fame and continued growth opportunities. Those who fail suffer losses and become less important in the markets. Many fail, lose money, and close the business.”

The entrepreneur is the person which begins an adventure without being prepared, because, the truth be told, no one knows how to run a business or how to be a leader. For this reason, he or she must be courageous, willing to take risks( in order to win), to face failure and to have the power to say: ” It’s time to start over.”


Entrepreneurship is like performance sports: you have to be dedicated, go the extra mile and not let the wounds stop you.

An entrepreneur must know discipline, perseverance, structure and must guide his/her work according to principles. As an entrepreneur you have to be well-informed, to to test what you read and to act continuously. You have to understand people and to have a vision, to calculate your every step and to take into account every detail.

This ”lifestyle” is about making your dreams come true while you overcome disappointments. The one who does not believe enough in his/ her dreams and does not fight enough for them, is the one who will get lost in the road of becoming entrepreneur.


Keep in mind that you are never fully-prepared. You have to learn constantly, but do not forget to enjoy the travel and celebrate every achievement. Ever since I entered this field I have heard pieces of ”advice” such us: ”Geo, let this go, find another job that can guarantee you a secure income.” Despite this kind of feedback, I continued and I am going to do so, even if I would have to sleep in the park. I will never give up.

Moreover, this power had an amazing effect on people I met and it spread like a virus. Yet, this ”power” is a reliable asset in the beginning, on the first level of career. In order to advance in this business, you need to make constant improvements and to become disciplined; with your time, with your priorities, with your finance. In the following levels you must do what many cannot, the less pleasant parts.

My story is not out of the ordinary: I started this without any knowledge in business, but my courage and my unshakable optimism were the power I needed.

You have to understand that entrepreneurship is not always a magical place, but a tough race where only the best resist. Because of that, you are your fiercest competitor. To be honest, I didn’t realise this until after a long time. Because I was waiting for something magic to happen or I was looking for shortcuts. The change came after I re-organised my strategy and after I made it a lifestyle. Even though as an entrepreneur you have to make sacrifices and to be a workaholic, you must keep a balance; taking care of you means taking care of your business.

When you are happy with yourself, this feeling spreads in professional life and everyone will be contaminated. You will end up inspiring and motivating people. I managed to find the right path for me and since then I have balance in everything I do.As a result, I wrote a book about my travel, about how I changed myself and about what means to love your job. If you have your eyes wide open, you can learn something from anyone. I, for example, I learn everyday from my kids and from my dog, Oscar. He wants love and attention, so he offers love and attention; this is an important lesson. What goes around, always come around. What you want to receive, offer! Be like a virus, but in positive terms.

Be kind! A smile is priceless for the one who receive it, but free for the one who offers it.


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