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Only an authentic mindset will withstand all storms and pressures, and business professionals, successful entrepreneurs know this.

Usually when we say Mindset is the first time when we think of ways to train our mind so that it will follow and support the strategy we have outlined for our business. We think, therefore, that mindset is the bridge between mind and success.

But often we neglect the bridge that ensures the relationship between us and ourselves – ourselves, when we set our strategies for reaching the most important objective in the business – the meeting with success.

Therefore, only an authentic mindset will withstand all storms and pressures, and the business professionals and the successful entrepreneurs know this.


On the other hand, going through a deep process of introspection brings self-awareness, when a lot of mental energy is gained, which can be directed into the business.

That’s just how we get a healthy mindset and a fit-for-business Self.  And now yes, we can talk about an internal economy, which allows us to invest any business with energy.

Sometimes we want to do many things, but we feel we do not have the energy we need, we are fatigued, lack of sleep or motivation, or any other malady. These manifestations represent in fact the unknown sides of one’s Self, which we obstinately deny. Thus, we fight with denial until the last bit of energy is exhausted. The unknown parts do not respond to commands, they cannot be programmed, but only consciously accepted as part of the unconscious mind.


An improper mindset entails a waste of time and energy.

We are the energy around which the mindset is formed.

Many are afraid to look down, underground, ignoring the forces existing there. But the door of the underground also locks the force to achieve success. Like the iceberg that has most of it underwater, the mind has most of it in the unconscious. From there we are led by the actions of the Conscious, which is reflected daily in the decisions we make in business. And sometimes business depends on this information.

Through awareness we can position ourselves correctly and we can face failure without the need to blame others.

Our life is not about the others, our life is about us. 

Sure, failures can create a state of sadness, anxiety or fear, but we are not burdened by them. Because there are no people who never fail, but only people who do not see their failure. And that makes a great difference in business.

Those who abandon their business or project without understanding why, direct all their remaining energy in the service of defences and justifications, generating much frustration.

The difference between those who succeed and those who lose is that the latter fail to see the success. 

They choosing to remain secure in a comfort zone, but can prisoners dream beyond their prison?

Therefore, if there is a conflict between the conscious and the unconscious there will be a conflict between intention and action. The effect will be transposed in the results of our work, respectively in achieving or not achieving the proposed objectives.

It may seem surprising, but in business the central relationship is that with oneself, which is why it is necessary for the man to know himself in an authentic way.

So we find out about mindset, as it is a set of beliefs about our own person and our resources mapped unconsciously.


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