Diaspora is one of the best bridge builders

between their countries of residence and the ones of heritage. Having in mind Brexit or other isolationist policies that other European countries are now trying to impose, our democratic societies need to highlight the tremendous possibilities that diaspora networks can bring along. Increase the possibility from police and other authorities to use the knowledge of diaspora communities in order to act preventively against cross-border criminality, diaspora is one possibility that should be explored. It is about win-win and, even on the bilateral level between countries, diaspora helps improve the relations.

Another aspect is the increase of economic cooperation in the countries where major immigrant communities are based. Those communities should be supported to organise themselves in structured diaspora associations. Keeping in mind that the GDP of the majority of the European countries largely depends on the amount of exports, we have to maximise the possibilities to keep and increase the trade between UK and other countries that did receive major immigrant groups and the countries where those communities are from originally.

Diaspora – is one of these generators for economic growth & strength

and here in Sweden I was part of the initiating team, when for the first-time ever the project Kosmopolit was

established in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Department for International Trade.

We were about 33 Swedish citizens coming from countries outside the Nordic countries. The purpose was  to identify opportunities for Swedish companies to increase their export of products and services to the countries of our heritage & vice-versa. In many ways, this would open the path for democratic, economic and social cooperation. Diaspora, with the help of the government and the association of business chambers would build those bridges of cooperation.

Also, we must think wider regarding the management of the major challenge and threat toward our world – the climate changes. Planet Earth is facing environmental & climate changes and it is a fact that many of the countries where our diasporas are from, does need more external impact to improve (and start in some cases) their work with climate issues. National departments of environment that aim to impact global climate changes should take into account the influence of diaspora communities in the governmental agenda. On local, regional and central levels experts from Diaspora can make positive changes and my advice for decision-makers in these places is: If you are serious about wanting to increase the wellbeing of your citizens, DO INVOLVE DIASPORA EXPERTS on your trade issues, DO ESTABLISH Diaspora-Trade-Councils now. You will see the benefits on the both short and long term and you will thank me for my suggestion. TOGETHER – WE CAN MAKE POSITIVE CHANGES.

Avni Dervishi Advisor for International Affairs & Diaspora Strategies



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