Have you ever put something off in your life

that you really knew needed your immediate attention? Or have you even said to yourself ‘’right that’s it I’m getting this done today or I’m going to make that call or appointment’ and you set out well, get your morning cuppa, your to-do list at the ready, and your good to go?

Perhaps you have been told some news about your health and you know you need to make changes and you say to yourself today is the day that I am going to join the gym, change my eating habits or get that problem checked at the GP, however instead of doing what you intended to do or what you know is urgent you end up delaying. Only to find weeks later that the problem has escalated or the situation has got worse or is now out of control.

So, inevitably what happens is your left either scratching your head, feeling frustrated, worried, in fear or unaccomplished. The truth is if you have ever experienced any of the above, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with this same issue in different areas of life and the thing is there is a solution. Imagine being in a place where life is good, your contented, on top of your daily routines, actively maintaining your health and relationships. You’re in a place where your enjoying life and quite frankly feel at peace and in complete control. Would you agree that this appears to be a far better place to be?

Well there is only one possible answer to that question right? Here’s the thing in order to get there we need to address the thing that affects many people in life and if you keep doing this you will never get closer to feeling on top of things, but if you stop doing this you will feel more in control, not waste any more time and be able to live life on your terms. The area I’m referring to is procrastination.

In order to stop procrastination in its tracks it is important to understand what procrastination is. According to dictionary.com procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something that needs to be addressed immediately. Think of it this way, procrastination will cost you something. It might be time, money, your health, relationships or happiness. There is a huge consequence to not addressing issues or situations immediately. The root cause to procrastination is really fear. Sometimes being afraid of moving forward, fear of ending a bad relationship, fear of the unknown, fear of leaving a dead-end job, fear of trying something new, or even fear of success which will cause you to procrastinate or distract and inevitably deny you opportunities to progress in your life. So, let me share some top tips to help you overcome procrastination, stop fear in its tracks in order to reach your intended goals with confidence.


I believe the most important aspect in anyone addressing procrastination is by being self- aware and what I mean by that is taking a real candid look at your situation and highlighting any negative thoughts, self-talk and subsequent lack of action. By doing this you are more able to recognise the things around you that are not serving you well, keeping you stuck and stopping you from moving forward. So, by address them directly and with intent you are taking responsibility for actively moving from that place of distraction and procrastination to a place of intention and fruition.

Joseph Murphey in his book states that “your thoughts and opinions are like a garden, and whatever you plant in that garden will reap its rewards negative or positive, so you must make sure that your thoughts are positive, and of good report so that you will produce a bumper harvest every time”.

Now who wouldn’t benefit from this? Here’s the thing, I believe that you too can alter the negative automatic association with procrastination to a more positive one and you can do this by intentionally allowing your subconscious mind to move on your behalf, and thus use it to push your vision or desire forward by taking action and thus making your dreams a reality. To do this it is important to understand the difference between an intention and a goal. A goal is about aiming for or towards something in your personal or business life with the aim of reaching a desired end point. An intention is to be clear and deliberate about moving from one place to another and addressing a situation with an outcome in mind and followed through.

So, with this understanding and following the steps below you too can be in a better place get ahead and defeat distraction.

  1. Have a clear vision or foresight- be able to see what direction you need to take.
  2. Focus on the outcome by being very clear about where your headed and equally being clear on what you’re going to do to get there. Being laser focused will help with this.
  3. Make a commitment verbally or in writing to yourself- which means being dedicated and committed to reaching your goal.
  4. Get yourself an accountability partner- this will help in keeping you on track and supporting when times might be harder.
  5. See the end in mind- this will help to keep your intentions alive and you will stay motivated to until you see a change or improvement.

By following these steps, they will help you in your journey to overcome procrastination, beat defeat and live a fuller and more rewarding life today. – Carpe Diem.

Written by Anneth Bryan Communications and Relationship Expert |Coach|Trainer| Mentor|Public Speaker


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