Brainstorm Strategy

In a world of STRATEGIES and SUCCESS FORMULAS dedicated to businesses, we forget that our first business is US and that ''Winning'' is recommended to come after '’Learning'’


We believe that ENTREPRENEURSHIP, LEADERSHIP and SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT are just facets of a diamond and for GROWTH to happen, all aspects must be polished.

Entrepreneurial Education

verb: All the smart steps you take and all the planning we help you make so that “Risk” becomes "Success" and "Business" becomes “Adventure”
Entrepreneurship is a skill that can be learned.

Personal Development

YOU - the place where EVERYTHING starts!
With Brainstorm Strategy, entrepreneurs have understood that the value of a company, its development and success will never exceed the owner's level.

Diasporas in Business

A project about people who succeeded in developing their businesses and are ready to share the DOs and DON'Ts. We believe in teamwork and we would love to see that together we are able to contribute internationally by promoting successful business models


We believe that any business is a living and breathing entity and its DNA blocks are inherited from its owner.

This six weeks program is for aspiring or seasoned entrepreneurs who want to un-learn and re-learn new business lessons by unpacking their business DNA.

Discover and remodel your stereotypes

Many don't know this - Stereotypes are a powerful thing - they dictate your steps and actions in ways that you don't realize.
The program will help you see and understand what are your stereotypes and how to minimize the effect on your life and business.
It will help you create VISIBILITY and CLARITY of action.

Write your legacy and mastermind your entrepreneurial life

Build YOUR entrepreneurial map by outlining where you are NOW, how you got here. Identify your personal WHY and re-write the MAP with a clear VISION and MISSION. With these tools, you will have the capability to take the tough decisions and build a SUCCESS energy.

Transpose your personality assets into growing your business

Many of up secretly fear any practical experimentation that would rattle our beliefs. We think we have the remedy the against comfort zone and we can help you curb the tendency to chose the beaten paths or environments. Asking the right questions is the hardest thing to learn!

Create a journey from YOUR business to OTHERS

You will learn how to build strong business relationships with a strong personal brand. "Beating the competition" is a phrase that is not only vague, but it can be harmful when used as a business strategy. It is vital to focus on partnerships and the exchanged value-added. Business is no longer a zero-sum game.

Together We Build Dreams

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