In a world of STRATEGIES and SUCCESS FORMULAS dedicated to businesses, we forget that our first business is OURSELVES and that ''Winning'' is recommended to come after '’Learning'’
Start your journey with us and you may discover what you are really made of!

Why Brainstorm Strategy?

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”   Nelson Mandela

At Brainstorm Strategy we want to create a generation of entrepreneurs who believe in education and life-long learning because education is the great engine of personal development.
Through education, as entrepreneurs, we can achieve what seems impossible using what we have in the present and not what we were given in the past. We don't stop to blame the bad luck.

The power of education extends beyond the development of skills we need for economic success.

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Resources to Inspire

You can engage with everything in these sections to see why we have so much to offer to your business!

The pitfalls of being a start up entrepreneur
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Mastermind Events

If as an entrepreneur you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, join our Mastermind sessions and find the support you need from like-minded people!

We understand that the hardest thing for an entrepreneur is to be the key decision-maker and that every decision and metric depends on you.
Our Mastermind groups are focused on the most burning topics and are geared to bring Accountability, Focus and a trusted circle to discuss challenges and issues. Our guests can help you make the hard decisions, rekindle your passion and stay on course with your business.

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Our Solutions

We believe that ENTREPRENEURSHIP, LEADERSHIP and SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT are just facets of a diamond and for GROWTH to happen,
all aspects must be polished.

Business D.N.A Program

A 6 weeks program for aspiring or seasoned entrepreneurs
who want to un-learn and re-learn new business lessons
by unpacking the DNA of their own business.


You are in the right place if you want to build a business
grounded in your beliefs but don't know where to start
or feel stuck in the process. We are here to support you.


A series of exclusive interviews with business masters
and courses to help you jump-start your entrepreneurial journey.
All you have do is join us!

Blueprints in Business

Are you looking for inspiration? You can check our workshops
and webinars geared to provide ideas and know-how
on core business topics.

Romanian Diaspora

“We are all coming from a place that we remember as “Home” – a place that no one can take away from our hearts. 

Un loc special pentru Romanii care sunt departe de casa dar cu sufletul la Romania. Avem datoria sa invatam unii de la altii si sa impartasim greselile, esecurile si reusitele!

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Our Partners

We love our partners!
Amazing people and outstanding leaders in their domains!