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In a world of STRATEGIES and SUCCESS FORMULAS dedicated to businesses, we forget that our first business is US and that ''Winning'' is recommended to come after '’Learning'’


We believe that ENTREPRENEURSHIP, LEADERSHIP and SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT are just facets of a diamond and for GROWTH to happen, all aspects must be polished.

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Business D.N.A Program

This six weeks program is for aspiring or seasoned entrepreneurs who want to un-learn and re-learn new business lessons by unpacking their business DNA.

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Meeting of Minds

Credibility and Success will follow from being able to participate and add value to business discussions with other leaders.

Dr. John Demartini, October 2019

Brainstorm Community – Real People. Real stories

Diasporas in Business

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Vanessa Ugatti

The True Worth Expert – Coach and author, Vanessa provides consultancy, in-house workshops, one-to-one coaching and motivational speaking.

Lorand Soares Szasz

Entrepreneur, author and speaker, one of the most successful experts in business growth in Romania.

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